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I realize your time is extremely valuable but if you could just take a brief moment to read this before booking, our connection will be very smooth and pleasurable. 


-Please do not request any explicit activities in your communications or I will not respond for legal reasons.

-Make me aware if Im free to text back anytime or if certain hours are off limits.

-A brief introduction is appreciated however....unfortunately, due to my schedule, multi-paragraph texts & emails will not be read unless we have already met.

-Incomplete sentences (such as "whats up", "u avail?") will not get a response.

-I check my email & text requests 3 times per day. If I dont get a chance to respond same day I will respond the following day.

Prepare for our special encounter

-Due to the fact that there is a slew of scammers running fake ads requesting deposits and then just keeping the money, I highly recommend that you DO NOT send deposits to anyone unless you are sure that she is a very well established provider.  As of right now, I am not requiring a deposit but please, please do not cancel on me same day if it can be avoided at all. I only see one person per day so it will really hurt me if you do this.


-Please shower prior to our visit & I will do the same. (Or feel free to use the shower at my location if you feel you need to freshen up.)

-Please confirm our visit the day before or morning of.

-Feel free to make any outfit requests or beverage requests. (alternatively, you can bring your own beverage in a sealed container or bring me lingerie to wear)

Our special time together

-Please note, our start time is approximate. Due to unpredictable SoCal traffic, Im often running late. If you are unable to accommodate or tolerate me being late I completely understand but you should not book with me on days when you are very short on time. I really want us both relaxed and unrushed.

-Please do not wear cologne unless it is of good quality and a very small amount. (I do not wear perfumes unless requested)

-If you have booked an incall, please do not approach me as I am checking into the hotel. We can share drinks at the hotel bar or restaurant once Im all checked in.

-Please leave donation in an envelope on the nightstand or restroom.

--Tell me about your self, be open about your likes and dislikes, relax and escape with me.

-Once we meet, please request to extend our date for another hour if you think you will need very much more time than anticipated.

-Please do not ask for my home address and I will not ask for yours.

-Please do not ask to photograph me (even fully clothed) and I will not ask to photograph you.

After we leave eachother

-Feel free to stay in touch with the occasional note. Longer letters will be read however it may take me a few days to get to them and respond.

-Please do not review me (even if its very positive) For the sake of our discretion and for the fact that I can not control if false things (good or bad) are being written, I do not participate in review sites.

-Please do not ask to "date off the clock" unless you are prepared to offer me an allowance of 10k per month. 

-If you were kind and gentlemanly feel free to use me as a reference anytime. No need to ask each time.

Lastly, I hope you will forgive me for being so particular in how I like to engage with you. I promise Im actually very laid back, it's just that these things are great to know if you dont have much experience in this kind of thing and I want everything to be as relaxing as possible for both of us.

Please let me know if YOU have any special preferences and if there is questions I can answer that will make you feel more comfortable. xoxo Mia

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